Bringing Diverse Voices To The Table NOW!

Muhammad is in a unique position to Create A New Reality in the 5th District through leadership that is Independent of political gridlock

What he is known for…

Muhammad is known for bridging the gap across small business, community, and religious lines. He is recognized as one who gets invited to the round table to lend his experience for hard decision-making programs and ideas for the community.

He will continue to do the same for the voices of those needing higher wages, affordable housing rates, and criminal justice reform within the 5th Congressional District.

Muhammad’s Legacy For The 5th Congressional District:

A Safe and Decent Place to Live for All

Create A New Reality. Vote Muhammad for Congress!

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Muhammad Wants Systemic Reform in the following areas:

  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • Training
  • Gentrification
  • Public Engagement
  • Criminal Justice

Muhammad Wants to Restore the Balance in District 5. Starting with our:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Communities
  • Small Businesses
  • Faith Organizations