I'm Running For U.S. Congress

I'm the only candidate in a position to create balance

Creating a New Reality

Free of party restraints, Muhammad can speak and take action across party lines on the tough issues that matter most to the people who live in the 5th Congressional District. Known for his direct, “hands-on” ability to improve conditions, especially for the poor and disenfranchised within urban black communities, Muhammad is running to create balance across the 5th District -- and a new reality. With a nonpartisan approach, he is uniquely positioned to advance criminal justice reform, prevent destructive gentrification, ensure affordable housing, training, and jobs -- and provide authentic public engagement.

Ready To Address The Unjust, Systemic Partisan Politics Between Democrats & Republicans

Muhammad’s training, experience and long-time standing as an independent leader/voter is respected across the spectrum of diverse leaders from Atlanta to New York to global stakeholders.

A deeply established small business leader and community advocate, he and his family have been rooted in Atlanta and the 5th District for several decades.

Community work at the grassroots level and small business community development have kept Muhammad’s ear and hands on the ground and his eyes on the public policy/political scenery. Over the years, he has developed lasting relationships within every strata of metro Atlanta leadership, Georgia state government/legislature, and the U.S. Congress.